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Handmade Ice Cream & Sorbet

Handmade Ice Cream Flavors

Salted Caramel 

Cookies and Sweet Cream

Ginger Molasses Cookie

Honeycomb Toffee

Churro Sabroso

Mint Chocolate Stracciatella

Oatmeal & Brown Sugar

Portland Pistachio

Fair Trade Chocolate

Madagascar Vanilla

Lemon Chiffon

Orange Dream

Hazelnut Chocolate Stracciatella

Molten Mango

Antioxidant Avalanche

Trailhead Espresso

Local Raw Honey & Lavender

Mint Cookie

Orange Chocolate Stracciatella

Peanut Butter Cookies and Sweet Cream

More flavors are in the works!

We have a new flavor in stock from #scoo
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