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Salted Caramel 
Cookies and Sweet Cream
Churro Sabroso
Mint Chocolate Stracciatella
Oatmeal & Brown Sugar
Portland Pistachio
Fair Trade Chocolate
Madagascar Vanilla
Lemon Chiffon
Orange Dream
Hazelnut Chocolate Stracciatella
Trailhead Espresso
Mint Cookie
Orange Chocolate Stracciatella
Peanut Butter Cookies and Sweet Cream
Real Fruit New Zealand Style Vegan and Dairy based Ice Cream

Stay tuned for seasonal and special flavors.


Cone No Text.png

Mini Scoop

3 oz scoop comes with a sugar cone or bowl.


Ice Cream

Regular Scoop

6 oz scoop comes with a sugar cone or a bowl




Hand-scooped and packed at the cart


Rainbow Sprinkles

Toppings/Sauces and Extras

Sprinkles, hot fudge, chocolate shell, and other toppings 

$0.50 each

Waffle cone


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